Financial Coach Shannaan Dawda and Kescheler Nix talk about her experience through coaching process and how it has affected her life in multiple ways. She is now winning with money and winning in life. Get your money right get your life right! This interview was unscripted and is pure honesty.

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In 2012 I made a very random decision to purchase a new Lexus and trade in my 6 month old Toyota. After speaking with financial coach Shannaan Dawda and reading the various books he encouraged me to read, I realized the importance of becoming debt free, and made it a goal to pay off my debts one by one. I set a goal to pay off my $30K loan in 18 months. As of December 2013 (exactly 18 months later), I’ll be officially done with paying my loan off to Toyota Finance corporation. Paying it off was a huge sacrifice, especially with planning for a wedding and moving all at the same time. However, Shannaan provided the advice I needed to change the way I viewed my personal finances. I still have one more debt to pay off (student loans), but I know with more advice from Shannaan and True Financial, I’ll be able to pay off my remaining debt, as well as solidify a strong savings for me and my family.
— Robert, Austin,TX
Honestly, getting out of debt is no different than losing weight. It is easy to set a goal or join a class when you watch an inspiring TV show or hear a moving speech but when it comes down to it, emotionally driven motivation is only good for making you depressed. I have experienced this a countless number of times, the peak of inspiration and excitement quickly leading to self pity and guilt because I was unable to keep the “fire” burning. It was not until I heard financial coach Shannaan Dawda speak about financial empowerment l that I learned what it actually took to get out of debt. True Financial is not a financial babysitter and they are more than a consulting firm. They focused on the habits and the systems that I created to get myself into debt and instead of setting a goal and telling me to “go for it” they worked with me to change my habits and develop a new system that has given me the power to get out of debt. Although, I have just started, I can already see a difference in how I’m spending my money. It’s not because I am trying to reach a goal but because I am changing my habits, one day at a time and I would not have been able to walk this difficult path of changing habits if it was not for the support system that True Financial provides.
— Michael, Atlanta,GA
I remember the excitement that I felt as I walked across the stage for my graduation in 2011. The only thing that bothered me was my $14,000 in student loans. I was trying to think of a plan as to how I would pay them off as quickly as possible. I spoke with Shannaan Dawda, a financial coach at True Financial. He showed me all the steps to follow and enlightened me with additional financial advice. True Financial assisted me with a payment plan that not only worked within my budget but, the plan also allowed me to pay my student loans off sooner than expected. After making continuous payments, I became debt free in March 2013. As of today I am in a great position where I am able to cash flow graduate school. If it were not for True Financial, I would more than likely still be paying on my student loans in addition to several credit cards. True Financial helped to curtail my bad spending habits and ultimately change my life for the better. THANK YOU TRUE FINANCIAL!!!!
— Aiesha, Savannah,GA
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Had my last session with True Financial! I feel like a new person. I have a new perspective on how I spend my money. In the last 4 months I was able to clear $6600 off of my debt. Insha’Allah I will be debt free in 5 years. I highly recommend you contact them if you need any financial planning assistance! Thanks again. Jazak’Allah Khair for your help.
— Mary, Atlanta,GA
                                                                                                                                      Charlie, Savannah,GA
Happy Sunday! Today, I decided to see how much progress I’ve made since I started with the debt payoff plan… $9700+ in the time span of three months. I can hardly believe it! I have $1612 remaining on the discover, $30,936 in student loans, and $21,185 remaining on the car. I currently have $3794 in my savings account. I just wanted to thank you for helping to get me on the right track and mindset with eliminating this debt and building for my future. This experience has definitely helped me look at my financial decisions in a new light. Thank you!
— Charlie, Savannah,GA
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I attended True Financial’s Financial Empowerment Seminar on May 10, 2014. The seminar was an informative experience and provided a perspective different from what I originally considered (especially about using credit) and thank you for that! The speakers personal experience was inspiring and I admire the direction it’s taking him in leading others. I wish True Financial the best of luck in your endeavors.
— Sara, Atlanta,GA
Financial Coach Shannaan used his financial literacy and expertise in debt elimination to develop a plan for me to pay off my student loans and establish an emergency fund in six months. Shannaan provides a deliberate approach to financial freedom by focusing on the art of budgeting as the first step. I learned the importance of allocating my income monthly from working with Shannaan. I also learned the value of taking full accountability of my finances. I recommend Shannaan to those who are looking to create a plan for their finances and are ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in developing new financial practices that lead to wealth building.”
— Sajdah, Raleigh-Durham, NC
“When I started my coaching session with Financial Coach Shannaan at True Financial I knew I made the right decision. In January 2015, I promised myself that I would be intentional about being financially stable and begin to tackle my student loans. The information and support I received from True Financial allowed me to begin my 2016 journey to becoming debt free. I have made changes in my personal finances and shared what I have learned with friends and family. I can honestly say that I am now intentional about being financially stable and plan to pay off my student loans within five years! Thank you, True Financial! “
— Lydie, Atlanta, GA
As newlyweds, my wife and I made the decision that we no longer wanted to just go through the motions and merely talk about being debt free, we actually wanted a feasible plan on how to get there. After speaking with fellow GSU alum and financial coach Shannaan Dawda, we were convinced that True Financial was the right resource for us to use to take control of our finances. Working with Shannaan was a true joy because he brought passion, expert advice, accountability, and a tailored plan to help us carve out a better financial future. To date, we have paid off over $20,000 of debt in 3 months by closely following the plan True Financial laid out for us. I’m thrilled with our progress! We’ve learned not only how to attack debt more efficiently, but also the behaviors that got us in debt in the first place. I highly recommend the services of True Financial. Thanks for all that you do!
— Steffan & Charissa, Atlanta GA